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Porch pirates, trespassers, and late-night smash-and-grabs are becoming increasingly common. Your home should be a sanctuary, safe from these uninvited guests. While many people have installed WiFi doorbells to enhance their home security, these devices alone aren't enough to deter criminals or monitor every corner of your property.

The Limitations of WiFi Doorbells: A Cautionary Tale
WiFi connectivity can be unreliable, and with inexpensive WiFi jammers readily available online, it's only a matter of time before criminals exploit this weakness. Additionally, most small WiFi cameras struggle to perform well in low-light conditions. Watch the video below to see how an Axis Camera (specifically, the P1435-LE) captured a trespasser in action, thanks to its infrared capabilities. This footage was later used by police to prosecute the offender.


Why We Trust Axis Cameras: Tried, True, and Tested
Axis cameras boast numerous advantages over their less expensive competitors. With superior low-light performance, enhanced color processing, and the ability to run advanced software like object and license plate detection, these cameras truly stand out from the crowd. We believe in Axis cameras so much that we use them to protect our homes.

Integrated Security: Smart Home Protection

Upgrade to integrated security with Axis cameras, offering audio, lights, doors, and phone call control. Proactively deter criminals and save yourself the hassle of insurance claims and police reports.

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